What is a Call to Action

what-is-a- CTA

A call to action or CTA is a marketing term used to describe a banner or button on a website that is designed to make site visitors do something.

You’ve probably seen CTA’s and acted on them.

For example, some common CTA’s are:

  • Download our ebook
  • Subscribe
  • Call us
  • Click here
  • Sign up for our newsletter

Every website should have a call to action. A compelling CTA can turn a site visitor into a valued customer.

A CTA gives your site visitors direction and it gives you a way to measure your website’s success.

CTA buttons needn’t be ugly or vulgar. You want people to respond so make sure you’re CTA is uncluttered, concise, compelling and stands out from the rest of your website.

In fact, some experts say that the CTA button should be the strongest colour on your website.

CTA in Action

If you look at the picture below you’ll see an image of a website we recently built for a Garden Machinery Store.


The arrows on the image point to the call to action buttons.

The buttons are uncluttered and unambiguous. The site owner wants people to call or email him.

If you have a website or you’re planning to get a website think about your CTA. What do you want your site visitors to do?

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