Hosting and Maintenance

Most people find that they don’t have the time or the technical expertise to properly maintain their WordPress website.

Maintaining your website is extremely important. Missing out on core or plugin updates could leave your website vulnerable to hackers.

That’s where Carawebs can help.

We provide hosting and maintenance packages for all our clients.

Our client’s sites are hosted on virtual private servers which we manage and monitor. We never use shared hosting.

Shared hosting can be a problem. If your website is crammed on to a server with hundreds of other sites it could slow your website down.

Also if a website on a shared server has been hacked it leaves your website vulnerable.

Our virtual private servers will ensure that your website will be fast and really secure.

Maintenance package includes:

  • Daily database/content backups
  • Weekly full site backup
  • Monitoring the site for malware/hacking
  • Monitoring of server logs to check for malicious activity
  • Upgrading site software as necessary
  • Regular checks of live sites for anomalies
  • Upgrading server software

All backups are stored securely in three locations: on the server, in our office and a secure off- site location. This ensures prompt disaster recovery should a problem ever occur.

Contact us for a professional, friendly service.