Responsive Business Website: School Food Company Launch


We’ve just designed and built a new website for The School Food Company.

Our brief included:

  • A call to action focused on telephone
  • Using existing brand colours and logo
  • Building a site that works well on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers

The short video below gives a tour of some of the site features:

The home page is quite long – which is quite a modern feature in web design. Long home pages like this mean that the user doesn’t need to click away to get the information they need.

The site aims to demonstrate the credibility of the brand by showcasing the School Food Company’s work. We’ve achieved this by highlighting individual schools, and presenting a schools “archive” page. Users can easily click through and find information about a school that is relevant to them.

The site also includes a custom Google map and a blog. We’ve built the site on WordPress, with a fully customised back-end so that it is easy for the client to edit and manage content.