How to Write an About Us Page

how-to-write-an about-us-page

Your “About Us” page is hugely important. Chances are it’s the second page users will go to. With this in mind it’s a good idea to get your “About Us” page looking and sounding great.

The “About Us” page is an opportunity for your user to get to know you. It should build a sense of trust and credibility in your company. People tend to feel reassured if they know a little about the person or company they intend to do business with. 

Put your most important information at the top of the page to capture your readers attention. If your page is becoming too wordy, break up the text with bullet points and headings. Avoid using flowery sentences or jargon – plain, honest content is best. 

Don’t be afraid to use pictures on your “About Us” page. Photos of your staff are a good idea, provide a link to their blog or bio page.

Using the 5 Ws  “who “, “what “, “when” “where” and””why” may help you to plan your content.

Who You Are

This should include a short history of the company. Make it interesting – everyone loves a story. Include information such as how the company started, the thoughts behind setting it up, how it has evolved to where it is today.
Include any relevant awards and testimonials – use appropriate quotes from the press.

What Do You Do

This should be a brief outline of your services. Try and explain what you do in one short paragraph.

When Did You Start

How long have have you been around. This information will help to build credibility and trust.Talk about your experiences.

Where Are You Based

This is important to customers so don’t overlook it. Include maps, bus details, tube details – make it mindlessly easy for people to reach you.

Why You Do What You Do

How are you different from your competitors.Think about your mission statement. Ask yourself why your customer should choose you over all your competitors. Explain how you work with your clients.


Often the About Us page is seriously overlooked – tacked on at the last minute and written on auto pilot. However, a good About Us page can turn a user into a valued client.