How to Create Content that Users are Looking For


I’m in London again today working with the Institution of Civil Engineers best practice panel. Carawebs ran a training workshop that aimed to help the ICE to align their content with what potential users actually search for.

The plan was to keep it “hands-on”, which involved carrying out a search keyword analysis during the workshop. This proved to be quite challenging, but involving domain experts in the keyword analysis can be an extremely efficient way to quickly converge on a solution.

I really enjoyed working with a great gang of civil engineers – as always it’s fascinating to learn more about our clients’ work. I now know a little bit more about drainage!

I also now know that 13,300 people per month in the UK search for terms relating to Building Information Modelling. This kind of information allows the client to strategically shape and target web content, so that they reach the maximum number of target users.

The Training Workshop Micro-Site

We delivered all our training materials by means of a custom website – with embedded video and links to external resources. We are a digital agency, after all.

This proves to be a really effective way of delivering training resources, being suitable for all learning styles and extending the workshop beyond the time-slot. Workshop participants can watch video tutorials or read cheat sheets whilst sitting on the train.

The outcomes from the session included:

  • Actionable keyword data to support a strategic content development plan
  • Implementation strategies – how to use the keyword data

Back to Base

I like working in London, but it’s great to get back to Shannon – and we’re lucky to have such fantastic connectivity between Clare and Heathrow. After my last meeting, I’ll hop on an express train in Paddington – 20 minutes later and I’ll be in Terminal 1 ready for the one-hour flight home.

Quick coffee in the Emerald Cafe at Heathrow – next stop, Shannon!