Student Studio

Student Studio was commissioned by Think Up . The brief was to develop a bespoke virtual learning platform to deliver work experience to Students.

Students in the UK undertake work experience programmes which typically involves them spending time in a company and shadowing an employee. Student Studio was developed to provide an enhanced learning experience for the Student and a more structured method of interacting with the Student for the Supervisor.

The work experience programme is delivered by way of a virtual workbook. The host company purchases a relevant workbook from the Student Studio online store and then allocates a workbook and Supervisor to the Student. The Student completes tasks in the workbook and the Supervisor can track their progress, comment on their work and sign off on their tasks. Once the Student has successfully completed their workbook they can download a certificate and view their work online.

The site contains some very complex and interesting functionality and a completely customised administration area. Carawebs provided training and support to enable Think Up staff to upload content on to the site quickly and easily.

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