Riverdale Nursing Home

The owner of Riverdale Nursing Home contacted us because his website had been hacked. The website was a very neglected WordPress site that hadn’t been updated in a very long time.

The Nursing Home was also getting ready for an inspection by the Health Authority so dealing with the hack was super urgent.

We managed to clean up the Google search, take down the old site and put up a one page holding site within 24 hours.

The holding site gave the Riverdale team time to think and a web presence.

After consulting with the team we felt it best if we built them a new static website. A static website looks just like any other website but it does not have a content management system.

There are many benefits to having a static website:

  • They are typically faster than a CMS website
  • They are secure
  • There are no passwords to remember

The Riverdale team were happy with thier website and we were happy that we saved them from hackers.



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