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ITOS are a local small business that provide IT support to various companies. The business owner contacted us because he didn’t have a website. Clients were often asking why an IT company did not have an online presence.

After talking with the team we quickly learned that they were not interested in having a blog or news section of the website. The site was to showcase their services and display their contact details. With this in mind we recommended a static website.

A static website looks just like a normal website but it does not have a content management system.

The benefit of this is that there are no passwords to manage, no learning how to use the administration area and most importantly of all it is totally secure.

A static website is typically much faster than a website with a content management system. It is therefore quicker to develop and can be cheaper than a website with a bespoke content management system.

The team at ITOS were very happy with their website and we were very happy to work with them.



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