Localising Your Business on the Web

If you run a business, it’s essential that potential customers in your area can easily find you with a relevant search of the internet. If you’re an accountant in Limerick, it would be helpful if your business page was easily found by people in the Limerick region. Conversely, if you’re a search engine user in … Continued

Responsive Business Website: School Food Company Launch

We’ve just designed and built a new website for The School Food Company. Our brief included: A call to action focused on telephone Using existing brand colours and logo Building a site that works well on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers The short video below gives a tour of some of the site features: The … Continued

Creating Content: Business Websites

This blog post outlines some key points that will help you to create effective content for your business website. People Scan & Skim Content Users tend to scan rather than read web pages. Because of this, short paragraphs, frequent headings and bullet point lists help to keep users on the page and can help to draw them in … Continued

Google Plus for Business

Google+ is a relative newcomer in the social media field – but it’s already second only to Facebook in terms of engaged users.

How To Plan Your Website

How to specify and design an effective business website. Your site should convey your purpose in a clear and straightforward way – you shouldn’t leave your users guessing. Grab attention by clearly stating who you are and what it is that you do. “Qualified” users – people who might be interested in your services – will orient themselves quickly and hence be more likely to remain on the site.

Keywords: Institution of Civil Engineers

I’m in London this week to meet with the Institution of Civil Engineers – talking about keyword research for the field of Civil Engineering. The idea is to align web content with the words and phrases that people use when searching the web. Hopefully, this can help make content more discoverable. Site content should always … Continued